Roof for Education: San Fernando Elementary School, Tacloban City

November 2 to 11, 2013,

Haiyan (commonly called Yolanda) struck Tacloban City, bringing with it a storm surge — taking in water from the sea and engulfing an area of more than 200 km. The destruction even reached nearby towns like Palo and Tanauan.

The storm had changed the city drastically from its progressive development evident to what can be seen from the link. (See comparative photos here: The severeness of property damages are reported to be approximately P 761,400,371.89 for the rest of Leyte according to Sun star ( Many establishments in Tacloban have been temporarily closed down (if not permanently) from not being able to recover from the damages.

Eight months have passed since the calamity and now we are seeing Tacloban City recovering from the damages with the help of aiding organizations from around the world. But as of now, the province still needs more help .

One such place is San Fernando Central Elementary School (SFCS) (Photos below).

Entrance to San Fernando Elementary School

Library: tumbled shelves

Library: a pile of saltwater-fused books

Like every public structure in the area,  the school was also assigned to be a settlement area for the families affected by the typhoon. A tent compound has been put-up within its grounds to accommodate families.

Tent settlement compound inside the campus


Some residents of the tent compound

Along with the influx of help coming from all over the world, Colorsteel Family also reaches out to the community as it completes a re-roofing project for San Fernando Central Elementary School’s two-classroom, single-storey building.

Re-roofed structure


Colorsteel Family visited SFCS during the enrollment for the upcoming classes and held a small program facilitated by Ma’am Imelda Gayas (SFCS’ Principal) and her staff. Many students along with their parents were invited to attend the turn-over ceremony for the donated roofing.

Principal Imelda Gayas welcoming Colorsteel

Students line up for some goods

Scouts receive gifts too

What’s in the bag?

Colorsteel along with the students

The new roofing was installed conveniently in-time for the start of classes. With the joint effort of Colorsteel Family along with other charitable organizations, San Fernando Central Elementary School can now hold classes in the newly-renovated classrooms.

San Fernando Central Elementary School acknowledges this and in return presents Colorsteel Family a plaque of appreciation.

Members of the Colorsteel Family holding the plaque of appreciation