Roof for Education: Basac Elementary School


Basac Elementary School marked blue

Loon sits some 28km west side of Bohol coming from Tagbilaran. Just like the rest of the province, it too was struck by the 7.2Mw earthquake from October 15, last year (2013). This has left Bohol’s infrastructures in ruins and incapacitating most of its basic operations just like roads & power lines.

(Credits to the owner)

After 8 months, the damage can still be seen all over the province. Some of its famous land marks that have been damaged remain in ruins and some have been completely turned to rubble – just like the historic Nuestra Señora de la Luz Parish Church in Loon. The buildings surrounding it have already been condemned as these can no longer be restored with its structural integrity broken.

What’s left of Nuestra Señora de la Luz Parish Church in Loon

Basac Elementary School also took a  huge shaking from the said earthquake which took down its auditorium and its older outdoor stage at the back. (photos below)

Basac’s auditorium & outdoor theater

Salvaged metal parts from the collapsed auditorium

In an effort to assist with the recovery of Loon, Basac Elementary School has been chosen to be one of the recipients of Colorsteel Family’s re-roofing projects. The two-classroom building is still being re-furbished from the inside. With torn down ceiling, walls and windows, these rooms are already usable for holding classes. (photos below)

Bangon Bohol!

Ceiling is still for completion

Damaged ceiling eaves


Turn-over Ceremony

A teacher rushes to help with the preparations for the turn-over ceremony

Students along with their parents have been invited to attend the roof turn-over ceremony facilitated by the school faculty, lead by Ma’am Rebecca Gabines and their PTA Pres. Victorino Malnegro.

The small crowd of Basac Elementary School

In their native tongue, Principal Rebecca speaks their gratitude towards Colorsteel Family

PTA President Victorino Malnegro also spoke for Basac Elementary School

Passing the certificate of endowment to the School Principal

Some gifts for the students

The people of Basac, together with Colorsteel Family


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